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Enjoy one of our delicious house wines or a beer from the Delfts Brouwhuis in our hotel bar. Recently we also have Verbond Genever in our hotel; read more below!
We have put together our wine list especially for you.


Delfts Brouwhuis
The Delftse Brouwers brewery is located in the Delfts Brouwhuis. The Delftse Brouwers beer collection consists of different colours, aromas, percentages and tones. But all serve the same purpose; “enjoy real Dellufs”. You can also enjoy a beer from the Delfts Brouwhuis with us:

Delft's Knollaert | Amber, Lightly Spiced, Paradise Business & Coriander
IPA | Fruity, earthy tones & bitter
Triple | Slightly spicy, malty & slightly sweet

Verbond Genever
Making Jenever accessible to young people is the goal of the two friends Robin and Huey, from Delft. They tell; “Jenever caught our attention a few years ago. It's a good product, but nobody drinks it anymore. It's more commonly known as an 'old man's drink'. So we saw a challenge: we wanted to make Genever attractive to young people again.”

What do you think? Enjoy a glass of Verbond Genever in our hotel bar!?